It Takes Two Marriage Series

It Takes Two (iT2) marriage series is Millo’s practical tool to either enrich well-functioning marriage relationships or hand-hold those that are struggling. At the heart of iT2 is our realisation that in a marriage the couple’s differences are often their most significant asset. It therefore takes both of them, the man and the woman to deliberately shine some light into those differences and turn them from threats into opportunities for the family and society. Our unique concept, modelled through the Millo Marriage Tree® allows us to provide a visualisation that can be used by any couple to transform their marriage from struggling to good; from good to great and from great to record breakers. More ...

We Listen to You


Do you wish there was someone you could confidentially talk to, someone who could listen to you in a non-judgmental way?

We Empower

TherapyThe community is an overflow of the individual, empowering the individual's wellbeing therefore builds healthy communities.

We Make a difference

Develop the capacity and skills of children from disadvantaged communities in developing countries, so that they become better able to help themselves and their communities.