Mission and Values

Mission and values

At the heart of what we do is the focus on empowering individual wellbeing.

Millo’s Board of directors have adopted the following statement to describe Millo Services’ vision: to empower communities to identify their own wellbeing issues and develop their own unique solutions which can then be tailor made for the individual.


Core values

Our name underpins everything that we do. The word Millo is derived from the Hebrew word maw-law’ meaning: to fill, be full of, fulfil, over-flow, fullness, replenish, satisfy. Our core values are therefore inspired by this:

Fairness – we recognise that all individuals have a right to live fulfilled lives.
Inspiration – seeing lives being changed motivates us.
Community – we understand the community to be an overflow of the individual and therefore touching the individual touches the community.
Passion – we are committed to what we do and say
Leadership – we are willing to shape our tomorrows.