Making your goals become effective

Only 3 months ago most of us were caught up in the euphoria we traditionally call “New Year Resolutions”. I do not know about you but by now l would like to think that a lot of those resolutions or Goals are fading away or have already disappeared. Why do we start something and then let it slip away without even being aware of it. Goals must be written down and be kept in view. You will always move towards what you consistently see. Writing something down is a very powerful motivator and forces you to avoid being vague. If you want to achieve things in your life you have to choose to learn something new. There is power in choosing who you want to become or what you want to achieve. It’s not too late to start over again but you need to be aware of the reasons why you failed in the first place and be able to implement new habits.

I am going to share with you 4 stumbling blocks that can hinder your progress in achieving your goals.

  1. Fear of failure sometimes you get defeated before you even started. The battlefield is not in what others think or believe about you or even not supporting you. The battle is in you – those things that you wrestle with when no one else is looking, that causes you to lack belief in yourself & your potential.   Sometimes our failures are embedded in our past experiences and hurts. What you tell yourself everyday will either lift you up or tear you down the choice is yours! The key is in doing it anyway despite your feelings.
  2. Lack of commitment to your goal. Anything that you do not commit to you will never achieve, because you do not give it all you have to get it. Definition for commitment “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity”. Be honest with yourself are you giving it all? Commitment is the key to achieving anything you want in your life.
  3. Failing to plan I personally struggled with this. I knew how to set goals but lacked the plan to achieve them. I neglected the very thing that would propel me forward. In order to attain your goals you need to have a game plan and in that you also need others who have awesome and great talents to help you forward
  4. Wrong company – There is a saying birds of a feathers flock together. Who are you hanging around with? The people you hang around with are either influencing you to achieve your goals or not. I used to have a friend who only comes to me when she has got problems or if something is bothering her. I used to help her but it downed on me that I am who l associate with and l act in accordance to the people around me. You can spend most of your time helping others achieve their goals whilst yours is still waiting to be achieved. Unless it is your call to help others and in doing so achieve your goals, its time you made a decision to hang around those who are going somewhere. The key lies in that while they are achieving their goals, it will motivate you also to achieve yours.

In conclusion: It’s not too late to start all over, but you need to make a choice to overcome your failures, be committed to your goals, make a plan and hang around the right people. I hope that would help you make another start to achieving your goals!

The Millo Blogger