Domestic Violence

Domestic Abuse


Domestic Abuse (DA) is an epidemic and research shows that its incidence in Faith Communities is not different from that in the general population. Research also shows that the response of Faith Communities to DA is oftentimes complicated by longstanding dilemmas around spirituality and religious doctrines. There is therefore need for Faith Communities to openly confront the many issues around DA.

Equipping these communities with useful tools to identify, respond and safeguard is an essential part. At Millo we focus on bringing awareness of these pertinent issues within faith communities whilst remaining sensitive to the individual’s faith but not compromising the safety of any individual.

Why Faith Communities

  • Sadly there are both perpetrators & victims in places of worship
  • There are complications around how to address DA and still remain sensitive to an individual’s faith needs and that of the larger community.
  • Longstanding dilemmas in religious doctrines and traditions.
  • Faith Communities are best placed to reach out to both victim and perpetrator

What we aim to do

  • Raise awareness - can you identify cases of DA? Can you respond appropriately? Can you safeguard those that are vulnerable?
  • Provide diverse, subsidised and specific psychotherapies that alleviate and/or overcome the immense psychological effects induced by DA.
  • Facilitate access to appropriate specialist DA services.
  • Encourage open debate on DA issues within faith communities.

How we do it

PlayWe commissioned a play "Someone Prayed" that explores issues around Domestic Abuse and Faith communities in an innovative, interactive and emotive way. The play mixes humour and challenge to address what are often emotive issues concerning domestic abuse. Audience discussion is encouraged after each scene in order to challenge and reflect on issues surrounding faith communities’ responses to Domestic Abuse.



After watching the play recently, the Lord Mayor of Nottingham commented:

"This play has been the most effective and challenging engagement programme on Domestic Violence I have seen in my life."

If you want to request us to present the drama at your event or conference please contact us