The Millo Retreats

Millo Retreats are designed to give you an opportunity to slow down, nourish your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. They have been running since 2008 in various beautiful locations around the UK. The retreat venues are well selected to maximise on a great downtime to Relax, Reflect and Refresh.

Each retreat has a specific theme and is normally run over a weekend. We deliberately keep the numbers of participants small in line with our philosophy of empowering individual wellbeing. What is important to us is to have personal interaction with all participates. 

Millo retreats are by design experiential in nature, to help you focus on developing your own wellness and personal self-care plan. You will be given an opportunity to have open conversations, as far as is possible with yourself and others through guided support. A facilitator will use a variety of tools to support all participants throughout the weekend.

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