Why iT2?

Why iT2

Strong marriages create supportive family environments that are conducive for personal growth and development. In fact, the most basic unit of any community is the family. In most cases at the heart of that family is the married couple. It Takes Two (iT2) is a marriage series that acknowledges the importance of marriage at the centre of the family unit and seeks to provide realistic and practical tools to nourish and strengthen marriages and enable married couples to live fulfilled and enriched relationships. iT2 recognises that two people with different world views, experiences and life journeys can come together and define a new and shared common experience regardless of their past. iT2 marriage series defocuses on the endless fire-fighting of the symptoms such as poor communication, non-existent romance, poor sex life, poor wider family relationships etc., by placing particular focus on the often hidden root causes. In some instances, without a guiding and experienced hand, a couple will never be able to join the dots between the obvious symptoms and the root cause. Our experience is that once the underlying cause is addressed all the symptomatic challenges can disappear. Yet one can spend a life time trying to resolve the symptoms!

Yes, romance and sex, money and communication are important in any marriage. But more often than not a focus on these, whether they are working or not - misses a key point – they are just manifestations of what is more fundamental and essential in that relationship. iT2 marriage series acknowledges these but places greater focus on the stuff that feeds the symptoms. Through a series of practical workshops a married couple can be guided to work together to better understand the underlying sources and how they can use this knowledge in a practical way to shape the kind of fruit their marriage produces.

Whether your marriage is struggling or not we will be delighted to play a part in it. You can organise a group of couples for a day and invite us to come and deliver our lively and memorable iT2 workshop. Alternatively you can make a request for us to speak at your event or conference. Just contact us to arrange.