We make a Difference

One of our company's objectives is to:

TopTalentGatewayChildren1Develop the capacity and skills of children from socially and economically disadvantaged communities including but not restricted to children in developing countries, in such a way that they become better able to help themselves and their communities, and thereby participate more fully in society.

Our project called Top Talent Gateway (TTG) was developed to meet this objective. An adapted version of the story "The Star Thrower" by Loren Eiseley inspires the origin of this project. In the story when a man asks a young boy "What are you doing?" The youth's reply is "Throwing starfish back into the ocean ... if I don't throw them back, they'll die." The elderly man ridicules the young boy "... don't you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can't make a difference!" The young boy after listening politely, bends down, picks up another starfish, and throws it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the elderly man, he says "I made a difference for that one." Top Talent Gateway project seeks to make a difference to that one talented child, to allow that child to break through to a life of possibilities and opportunities and indeed Give Talent an Opportunity.


TTG Africa

We sponsor the education of socially and economically disadvantaged children and adolescents. Presently we provide channelled financial support to what are exceptionally talented children in Zimbabwe and Sierra Leon to pursue their academic ambitions. These children are offered a gateway to breakthrough to a life of possibilities and opportunities.

Since 2008, with the help of all our valued donors, we patiently and consistently supported children through their secondary education, providing school fees, uniforms, books, clothes and mentoring. In 2016 we were delighted to celebrate the graduation into university of TTG’s first cohort as two of our students became university freshers - one entering Medical School and the other pursuing a degree in Finance. This is indeed giving talent an opportunity, a core principle of our TTG project: a single act of kindness can make a difference to an entire generation.


Meet the young boy called Wonderful

Wonderful is a 15 year old boy from a rural village in Honde Valley, eastern Zimbabwe. True to his name, he is a wonderful and ambitious young man. He dreams of becoming a pilot and in his own words he has promised to work hard so that all who are helping with his education "can be happy”.  Wonderful is an only child and lost his father a long time ago. He lives with his mother who has no source of income. When Wonderful was asked for one thing that he wanted most, he requested for  a ‘Torch’ to use for studying at night in his rural home where there is no electricity. This is the determination in this young man and that is why we are determined to work with all our sponsors to give this talent an opportunity. Wonderful will be completing his Form Two (second year in secondary school) in 2017.


How can you give Talent an Opportunity?

The TTG project is a unique opportunity that allows you through Millo Services CIC, to contribute into the life of a young person. There are a number of ways you can support the programs and aspirations of TTG and below we highlight how you can make financial donations.

Donate Directly Via your bank: You can make direct donations by making one off deposit or regular payments by setting up a standing order from your account to Millo (details will be made available upon request). Please kindly complete the form TTG-1A, this will help us to keep accurate records of all our one-off or regular donors. If you prefer to remain anonymous that is also ok with us.

Donate by Cheque: You can also send us a cheque and we kindly ask that you complete the Form TTG-1B, and send it with your cheque, made payable to "Millo Services CIC".

What does your financial support do?

When you make a choice to support a TTG child you will be allowing the directors of Millo Services CIC to:

  • seek for and identify academically talented children in Africa (presently we have contacts in Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone)
  • place these children at chosen boarding schools in the host African country
  • pay all the necessary school and tuition fees
  • buy school uniforms and stationery for the children
  • buy clothing for the children
  • provide spiritual, moral and psychological support for the children

How does the support work?

You contribute money to the TTG project by contacting MiIlo Services CIC. At Millo we use our professional expertise and our own established resources to make sure that every penny that you contribute gets to the intended recipients with very little overhead costs. The money you contribute goes into a special fund set aside for TTG. We always have a waiting list of identified children who we take on as soon as the reserves in our project fund allow us to meet their education expenses.

Will you get to know the TTG children?

All our regular donors qualify to participate in a child mentoring programme. This will afford you an opportunity to build a relationship with a selected TTG child so that you can offer encouragement, guidance and hope to the child. The mentoring opportunity is subject to Millo Services' internal policies on Children and Vulnerable Adults.

What do you receive as a donor?

  • A welcome kit with details of all current activities of TTG children.
  • The opportunity to mentor and correspond by mail with TTG children (this is subject to you being a regular donor)
  • Yearly progress reports on all TTG children with updated photos (this is subject to you being a regular donor)
  • Full annual reports on the TTG project
  • The satisfaction of saying "I made a difference to that child, to that family lineage"